[RESOLVED] easyDNS outage in progress

Update: 6:10PM EST Situation Resolved

The situation has been resolved, we have temporarily shutdown access to web servers and SMTP while our systems sync up and reset, we should be back to full functionality within 10 to 20 minutes.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding, we’re very sorry this occurred and we’ll be posting an RFO on the main blog in the near future.


easyDNS is experiencing an outage affecting the main easydns website, the control panel and easyMail.

The impact on easyMail is that inbound mail is being deferred and will be queued remotely by originating servers pending a retry. No email will be lost or bounced.

DNS is unaffected.

The reason why is a database issue, we are not under a DDOS.. Ops are in the process of rectifying this right now.

  Why are we posting this here on Zoneedit?

We recently updated our website front end and made the decision to move the blog (including the status channel) from blog.easydns.org to www.easydns.com/blog (regretting that at the moment), as such, the status blog is contained within the affected systems.

We will post any updates in this space, ideally the next update will be a resolution, followed by a post-incident RFO to the main blog.

Please hang in there, we know email unavailability is one of the most painful outages to undergo (especially on a Monday!), ours is affected too.

Your patience is highly valued.

2 thoughts on “[RESOLVED] easyDNS outage in progress

    1. Role Post author

      Sorry about that David, it looks like you’re using email forwarding and we overlooked something there, it only got fixed about 45 minutes ago.

      You should start seeing email come back in as remote servers retry their queues for you.


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