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Issue with Synology Dynamic DNS Calls

UPDATE: This may now be fixed. Watch this space.

There is an issue with Synology Dynamic DNS calls are returning “Hostname Not Found” errors to their clients.

In reality, most of these calls are actually working (your DNS is being updated). The problem is when a client updates with an IP that is already in place for your host, our side returns No Update Required, which is for some reason being misinterpreted as Hostname Not Found

We’re still working on it, we are also attempting to reach out to somebody on the Synology side to help us work through it. final reseller shutdown ( dns cutover)

Following on multiple notices to resellers, which apparently began in 2010, the old owners discontinued the reseller channel (but never got around to actually unplugging it).


The legacy resellers channel was never a part of the ZoneEdit acquisition. We will be attempting to provide continuity of DNS services on domains on a non-obligatory best-efforts basis.

We are shutting down access to this week and cutting over all nameservers today (Oct. 21, 2014). (We have sent multiple email notices about this to the reseller channel over the last few weeks).

We have zero visibility into the legacy resellers channel, it was unknown to us at every stage of this process (it’s existence became known after the transaction).

The seller has managed to provide us with some raw data and we have imported as many zones as we could into temporary holding accounts.

If you are still, somehow, unaware of this and are impacted by it then read this document.

If you need access to the shut down legacy.zoneedit panel to obtain a list of your domains, use (if the server is still up)

(Read more about the ZoneEdit Acquisition here)

Dynamic DNS fixes: SSL cert and Wildcards (incl. Synology)

We’ve implemented a couple of fixes to the dynamic DNS as follows:

  • SSL errors – we’ve swapped out the SSL cert (some clients were not recognizing the intermediate CA, examples: ddclient) and upgraded it to a geotrust cert.
  • Some wildcard requests were not recognized as such: FIXED

Some of the effects of the latter were experienced as follows:

  • Synology ddns update FIXED
  • Invalid Hostname error FIXED
  • wildcard DNS wasn’t being updated FIXED


Verizon Blocking Email Forwarding (UPDATED)

UPDATE: We are now routing email destined for verizon via an alternate route.

Verizon has been blocking our email forwarders since shortly after the migration.

We have entered numerous requests to be unblocked and we have been attempting to establish contact with somebody clueful over there via backchannels, so far no luck.

Impacted customers are encouraged to open a ticket with Verizon and request whitelisting of the new ZoneEdit mail forwarders:

You can also use your mail forwarding abilities to simply forward your email to another destination.

Of interest: easyDNS offers email hosting with it’s domain packages,  see this for more info.

TXT records truncated to 255 characters after import (FIXED)

TXT records were truncated at 255 characters after migration which broke some SPF, DKIM and DomainKey records if they were longer than 255 chars.

  • The interface now allows larger records to be entered (up to 1024 chars)
  • Any records which were truncated but not already fixed by the users have been re-imported.

Welcome to the New ZoneEdit

If you weren’t already aware, ZoneEdit has been acquired by easyDNS.

On Saturday Oct. 4th, 2014 we performed the major cutover of all systems to brand new infrastructure operated by the new ZoneEdit.

All existing services and plans will be grandfathered into the new system.

The online help portal is, please pay particular attention to the section “Changes Under the New System”.