legacy.zoneedit.com final reseller shutdown (dnsvr.com dns cutover)

Following on multiple notices to resellers, which apparently began in 2010, the old owners discontinued the legacy.zoneedit.com reseller channel (but never got around to actually unplugging it).


The legacy resellers channel was never a part of the ZoneEdit acquisition. We will be attempting to provide continuity of DNS services on dnsvr.com domains on a non-obligatory best-efforts basis.

We are shutting down access to legacy.zoneedit.com this week and cutting over all dnsvr.com nameservers today (Oct. 21, 2014). (We have sent multiple email notices about this to the reseller channel over the last few weeks).

We have zero visibility into the legacy resellers channel, it was unknown to us at every stage of this process (it’s existence became known after the transaction).

The seller has managed to provide us with some raw data and we have imported as many zones as we could into temporary holding accounts.

If you are still, somehow, unaware of this and are impacted by it then read this document.

If you need access to the shut down legacy.zoneedit panel to obtain a list of your domains, use oldlegacy.zoneedit.com (if the server is still up)

(Read more about the ZoneEdit Acquisition here)