MAINTENANCE WINDOW: Friday, April 29, 2:00 PM-4:00 PM EDT

We will be performing emergency maintenance on, our dynamic DNS update server, today between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM EDT. Customer impact is expected to be minimal, but domains using dynamic dns may experience delayed updates during this period.

We apologize for the short notice.

RFO (Reason for Outage) Zoneedit Control Panel Oct 31/15

At approximately 11:50 am ET the primary link to our Markham datacenter failed. Our datacenter facility has a backup link with another provider, however our BGP advertisements were not accepted via the new data route.

Services impacted included access to the Zoneedit control panel. DNS resolution, email and URL forwarding were NOT impacted.

As we worked with our data centre provider connectivity was intermittent until full restoration occurred at approximately 1:30pm ET

We have commenced a course of action to secure additional redundancy in addition to that provided by our datacenter vendor.

Zoneedit apologizes for the downtime.


March 15, 2015

We had an issue this morning where the following servers were timing out rather than resolving domains.  The pointing of those hostnames has been changed to get them working again and we are investigating the cause of the initial problem.  If you still see problems with them then once the changes propagate you should see them working again.

Registrar Transfer / Domain Transfers Now Available

You may now move your domain registration over to ZoneEdit and consolidate management of both the domain registry and your DNS.

Things to Know:

  • Domain transfers cost $12 and add 1 year of time, you don’t lose anything if you still have time left with your old registrar – it functions as if it’s an “early renewal”
  • FREE DOMAIN PRIVACY on the first 5,000 domains transferred to ZoneEdit (valid for .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains) – (a $9.95/year value)
  • FYI: Your Registrar of record will show up as “easyDNS” (ZoneEdit’s parent company), with ZoneEdit as the “Reseller”.
  • All transferred domains qualify for Premium Support.

Just log in, manage your domains and click on the Switch Registrar link:


Issue with Synology Dynamic DNS Calls

UPDATE: This may now be fixed. Watch this space.

There is an issue with Synology Dynamic DNS calls are returning “Hostname Not Found” errors to their clients.

In reality, most of these calls are actually working (your DNS is being updated). The problem is when a client updates with an IP that is already in place for your host, our side returns No Update Required, which is for some reason being misinterpreted as Hostname Not Found

We’re still working on it, we are also attempting to reach out to somebody on the Synology side to help us work through it. final reseller shutdown ( dns cutover)

Following on multiple notices to resellers, which apparently began in 2010, the old owners discontinued the reseller channel (but never got around to actually unplugging it).


The legacy resellers channel was never a part of the ZoneEdit acquisition. We will be attempting to provide continuity of DNS services on domains on a non-obligatory best-efforts basis.

We are shutting down access to this week and cutting over all nameservers today (Oct. 21, 2014). (We have sent multiple email notices about this to the reseller channel over the last few weeks).

We have zero visibility into the legacy resellers channel, it was unknown to us at every stage of this process (it’s existence became known after the transaction).

The seller has managed to provide us with some raw data and we have imported as many zones as we could into temporary holding accounts.

If you are still, somehow, unaware of this and are impacted by it then read this document.

If you need access to the shut down legacy.zoneedit panel to obtain a list of your domains, use (if the server is still up)

(Read more about the ZoneEdit Acquisition here)